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You need healthy teeth/gums...not perfect, but healthy enough for your teeth to make safe travels. Our Invisalign scans are FREE. During the scan, one of our team members will also take color pictures of your smile. This will give the doctor a chance to study the geography of your bite, determine your malocclusion and understand your chief concerns.

After the doctor reviews your case photos, she can schedule a consult with you. She needs to synchronize your needs with Invisalign to give you realistic answers. She will relate your overall health to your "Invisalignablity" & answer the three questions: How much? How long? Will it work for you?

Dr. Beltgens has treated patients with Invisalign ranging from age 9 to 69. So no, you are not too old! At least half of our Invisaligners are over 40. We ask good screening questions to make sure Invisalign will work for you or your child.

The average Invisalign case takes 9 months; we are a little pickier so our average is about 12 months.

We have the iTero laser scanner that makes digital impressions. This means that in our office you won't have to deal with messy, uncomfortable impressions that bother your gag reflex. It is a camera that is designed to go in your mouth and take laser images of your teeth. These images are emailed directly to Invisalign; we do not ship Invisalign lab cases.

Once Upon A Smile has a small, hard-working team ready to coordinate your insurance benefits, your flex/cafeteria plans, and a payment plan if you choose to move forward.

Did you know: Invisalign uses the same orthodontic dental code as wired braces? You either have coverage for D8090 or you do not. We will be happy to verify your orthodontic benefit and submit a Pre-estimate or Pre-determination of benefit for you.

We encourage 2nd opinions and will be respectful of your decision.

Group discount? Actually, yes - The more cases we do, the more savings we can share... so share your dream for straighter teeth with two other people and ask for the TRIANGLE DEALIO. Likewise, a group of four can do the SQUARE SHARE...

What else can we tell you? If you ask Dr. Beltgens, she will tell you that Invisalign is one of the most life-changing, brain-teasing, challenging, and crazy-fun things she does and she is eager to do more.

Most patients suffer from moderate to high levels of tartar buildup inside of their lower front teeth. When we relieve the crowding, rotations, or gapping of the lower front teeth we automatically see less build-up between dental cleanings. Invisalign can prevent and treat gum disease. We have completed Invisalign patients who are happy with lighter/gentler hygiene visits and they realize that we haven't just given them a nicer smile we have fundamentally improved their oral health.

We have never had anyone regret that their teeth were too straight, too healthy, and too white. Invisalign patients are the most excited group in our practice.

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